I’m a life coach. I opened the west coast’s highest rated float tank centers Float Seattle in 2012 and Float Bellevue in 2014. I met tens-of thousands of people looking to improve themselves. People wanted more tools, more life-hacks, more self awareness. Through coaching, I’m able to work with you on a 1-on-1 level to get results in your life. It’s my goal to take my experience as an entrepreneur, father, leader and do-er to help you get all that you want – fast.

I’ve been a coach in one way or another… my whole life. In athletics, school, as an entrepreneur, as a dad – leadership has always come naturally for me. Good coaches are masters at getting the best out of you – but it doesn’t stop there. Performance coaches also help you find effective ways to keep you accountable to your highest self.

Your true calling, your highest level of love and happiness – your best self – are inside you.

  • Through penetrating questions
  • Through challenging you – on your terms
  • Through identifying words, habits, non-verbal cues and trends that you don’t know are limiting you
  • Through tools, exercises and techniques that have proven effectiveness
  • Through suggested work between sessions, that will build new habits and move momentum in your favor